Tuesday, August 24, 2010

House hunting

After 3+ yrs in the same house, we had to look for another apartment (they are going to bring the apt down)!!
After 3 weeks of looking hard for a place,we shortlisted one in Normanton Park and went to view the apt..a nice place with all condo facilities. From the year i came to SG, I have been trying to find a place in Normanton and was glad i found one this time.Reasons being:(1) Nearer to NUS and Science Park!! (2) Condo Facilities

But though the place looked nice,the kitchen was so small that at a time only one person can stand there and they have also kept the washing machine there.So it was very cramped!!
And moreover, the agent asked for 2 yr lease; we werenot happy with it.

So,we decided to view another apartment; this time it was in Park West. I never knew there was a Condo by this name near Clementi Interchange. So,i went to view the apartment half heartedly. But when i reached the place, it was so serene and the ambience was so nice that i liked it at first sight. We were waiting for the agent to come and had fun taking pictures in the play area!! When he took as to the apartment, i was so flabbergasted. The place was exotic. The apartment had nice wood works done in almost all the rooms. The living room and the kitchen were so royale. And the rent was comparatively cheap. So,we made up our mind that we are getting this house and asked the agent to bring the papers to sign. After we came back from viewing, i made all the plans as to how to organize my things, blah blah blah!! then came a call fromour agent with a very sad news: the apartment got a better quote for sale and the owner has decided to sell it!!I was so heartbroken that i kept telling my hubby every 10 mins how much i have planned.

Now,what must be done has to be done: so back to House hunting. We then found few apartments which matched our budget and nearer to our workplace. And one was in Normanton park. Yesterday we went to view the apartment with the thought of the Park West Condo!! Well,this apartment doesnt score as much as the previous one. There are some major renovation works required; The kitchen needing the most. Hopefully after the revamping,the house ll look half as good as the Park West apartment!!