Thursday, October 23, 2008

Grad students life as described in PhD comic

The strips from PhD comic is so true and all the PhD grads would agree to this. Everyone has his/her favorite strips from this comic. Listed down here are some of my favorites.

The first Comic strip is about the work output from the grad students, and believe me,it is 200% true (well,atleast in my context)

The content of the second strip also happens in most (all) of the graduate students real(?!?!?) life.I have asked my friends the same question and have got the same response and when i am asked how my research is..well, I give them all a blank look just like the girl in the strip!!

The third and fourth strip shows the signs of graduating soon (and i am not in that list)

The fifth strip is about group meetings and do i have to say it again...Unmai,edhil erukkum athanayum unmai, unmai, unmai.

So,if you are interested in reading all the comic strips,you can visit:

Alvida till the next time.

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