Friday, October 17, 2008

My worst nightmare AGAIN

I have always wanted to blog, but kept wondering about what to blog. What interesting things could happen in a life of a graduate student. But then after a long DAY, I wanted to ramble about it to someone and that is what is in my VERY FIRST POST here.

Did this have to happen again? I started my synthesis of CSPs after about a couple of months gap (not a vacation guys,just a gap...during which time i had to do analysis) and I really hoped i didnt have anyone peeking and yelling at me from behind..Well,I had all my fingers crossed for that..But it is Murphy's law all over again.

I had planned a day before itself about all those things i ll be doing and yet i messed up things. It all started with the vaccum trap blocked with ice followed by one thing and another. And the stuffs that happened after that is a History!!!

I wasnot allowed to do the reactions myself and When i went forward and said i would love to do it all by myself, i was told that the next time i can do it. Is it not the part of a graduate student's curriculam that he learns the tricks.

I really wish this yelling would stop and i could learn to do some things in my own(!!!) way.

So,now that i have my first post here,I ll make it a point to blog something or other now and then. And i ll make it sure that it is not just ramblings because I do have some great moments to cherish.


இராம்/Raam said...

Me the first... :)

Thamarai said...

thanks Raam!! Vandhutom illa.

சந்தனமுல்லை said...

Hi Welcome to blog world!
Plz remove the word verification!

Thamarai said...

thanks for welcoming me in..i ll ask Raam here to help with removing the word verification thingy..